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Yes, we have been MIA. And AWOL. And at times, VERKLEMPT. You get busy. Time catches up with you, beats you over the head and leaves you lying in the road to get run over by things like…oh, work.  But we promise to do better. Or try. We’ll try. Honest.

There are times lately, I have deeply regretted that Grady is so smart. It’s usually when I’ve been caught out trying to fob off an irregular number of Timbits on him.  Like when we recently dropped in on the lovely drs. at Cullen-Webb in Moncton, N.B. to see whether he was still blind.  He is.  That’s a joke, folks. Grady has been blind since long before I got him.  But on the way home, we pulled off an unnecessary exit to pick up the requisite Timbit pack for him having been “such a good boy”.  Really, Dr. Webb. You lay it on too thick.

I bought a ten pack.  That’s one for each finger. Or toe. And all of them for Grady.  So imagine the mayhem that ensued when….gasp….I opened the box at home and found nine.  Yes, an irregular number and he knew it.  His eyes followed the box to the top of the microwave, and I was on the receiving end of a cold, calculating and blind stare, before he turned and walked away.  He knew. Not that there was only nine, but that I had done something unspeakable to his Timbits.

Why is only nine an issue, you say?  Because he gets two at a time.  I thought that was as high as he could count. I was wrong.  Each bedtime, treat time, etc. he gets two. And I could see his little mental abacus clicking the wooden beads over. Two, four, six, eight….nine?

I tried to explain. He listened. Then he picked up a paw, licked it, nibbled at a nail and put it down again. And I realized two things: one, that he’s been living with cats too long. And two: he suspected me of the unspeakable crime of having eaten one of the Timbits.

There has been a certain frostiness to our relationship for the last week. Until today. (I hope.)  You see, this is Grady’s Gotcha Day. It’s been five years since he hitchhiked his way to Canada, because Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t have naked donut holes.  And what better way for him to celebrate, than a cake made out of Timbits.  There were 20, but he ate two last night. And there are, thankfully, an even number.  I tried to make a pyramid but doing that without toothpicks and/or Gorilla Glue requires more talent than I have. Don’t judge me.

timbit cake 1

P.S. The cat refused to blow out the candles for him unless she got half. And you know how much chance there is of that.


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