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For just a moment, Grady and I are going to step away from the fun and frolic of the holidays, to share with you something timely.

The season of giving. It’s a time when those who have, even if it’s a little, are richer than so many others. Grady as a street refugee from New York state himself, knows what it is to be hungry and without a home or someone to care that he had food or shelter.

That’s why this year we chose to reach out to the animal rescues and residents still struggling to overcome the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The cases of cat food shipped to the upstatenewyorkcares.com group, were part of a drive to fill a 26’ truck on Dec.1 and deliver supplies directly to the people in need. People and pets alike are still without power and fighting to overcome the problem of feeding themselves and creating habitable living spaces. Shelters lost all their cat and dog food, as well as beds, blankets, computer systems and more. As for the people, these pictures pretty much say it all. This isn’t the day after the storm…this is Dec.3.

burned houses

collapsed house

It is heart-wrenching and at the same time inspiring, to hear stories of one family feeding four families by using their crockpot to cook for them all. The resilience is amazing, but rebuilding takes time, support, and the necessities of life to help these hard-hit areas to continue that push to rebuild. For some, their pets are all they have left. For the strays and rescues who have no families, even some of their shelters have been so severely damaged that there is no shelter to be found there anymore.

Won’t you consider giving to one of these grass roots, on-the-scene support groups who are making sure that only necessities are collected, and that every last donation goes where it is needed?

Whether it’s this group, other hurricane relief efforts, or a local rescue/shelter, there are pets and people in need who need you to help. That help can be financial or practical. Donations of time and skills are as valuable as money. Consider supporting a charity in the name of someone for whom you would normally buy a more ordinary gift. Talk to your service or professional group about adopting a family for the holiday season. Volunteer your services at a soup kitchen or shelter. There is no more valuable gift, than the care and compassion you extend to someone in need.

Please feel free to Tweet, blog or otherwise share this post, in the hope that it will inspire others to extend a helping hand as well.


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